The Value of Sleep to Productivity

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We have known, probably for our whole lives, how important sleep is. Psychologists have been doing studies on the impact of sleep deprivation for many years. At one point it was determined that if we go over 11 days without sleep it will lead to death. Prior to that though, psychological difficulties will become obvious and a severe decline in cognitive function will occur with each days lack of sleep.

In the article “The Science of Sleep and Productivity” the question was asked if there was a magic pill that could make you more productive and it was free would you take it. The answer is of course but it is not a magic pill but simply good sleep. It has been demonstrated that a good nights sleep will increase productivity dramatically.

The Sleep health Benefits seem to have Been Missed

Since we were kids, we knew that if we didn’t get good sleep we didn’t feel well. However, usually at a very young age this is not a problematic. We tend to sleep well.

As we grow into young adults, sleep problems can erupt from insomnia to too much work or stress which interferes with sleep. If we feel unrested we haven’t slept well. Severe poor sleep causes phsyical symptoms in which we feel quite unwell. This has been demonstrated time and again; study after study.

Sometimes people feel if they’re getting by on little sleep they are accomplishing more and are more productive but nothing could be further from the truth. Having too much to do during the day can lead to too few hours for sleep. Stress during the day can interfere in a good nights sleep all taking a toll on valuable sleep.

Tools to Measure Sleep Quality

We now have different tools to get a grasp on the quality and quanitity of our sleep. Smartwatches that can monitor sleep are appearing. However, if sleep disturbance becomes severe we can go to a sleep clinic and have it properly measured with recommendations to help correct the problem.

We can have all the tools in the world to assist improve our productivity but they are useless if our sleep is inadequate. From being a student to that of a typical worker it is very important to get a good nights sleep.

Productivity Tools

If we are rushed and have too much work which interferes either with our hours of sleep or quality of sleep, the ability to reduce the work load from just saying no to requests if we have too much on our plate to tools to assist with our organization can help to bring back balance.

A task manager or note taker can’t help you sleep better however, if they aid in reducing stress, disorganization and increasing our productive hours we might be able to get more and better sleep. There is a real balancing act here with understanding the problem and apply techniques to aid with the problem.

In the simplest case, it is just a matter of going to bed earlier. As long as you don’t have insomnia and sleep well you should wake up more rested and thus more productive. It might not be that simple though. However, it is very important to give sleep its dues.

Sometime it’s Just the Basics that Lead to improved Productivity

There’s no question that employing a methodology to improve productivity works to reduce the chaos and have a substantitive plan to move forward. Further, tools to assist with productivity that increase organization, focus and establish priorities leads to increased productivity. Such tools might include sleep monitoring, a task manager that suits you and a note taker all begin to build a productivity arsenal.

Looking after yourself first can be the best thing you can do to improve your productivity and meet your goals. Good sleep so that you wake up feeling rested is essential when you’re trying to get something done. Exercize and relaxation exercises can promote better sleep and a better overall sense of well being. Implementing your productivity tools becomes all the easier when we feel well about ourselves. In ways, this has a synergistic effect where one thing promotes the other and on it goes. Look to a good sense of self that promotes quality sleep and you will take a major step enhancing productivity.